Family None
Enemies Zula, Jezmine, Snagg, Greywolf, Sahsa, Misha, Falkenar, Wrath-Amon(later)
Friends None
Alignment Bad


Voice Actress

Mesmira first encountered Conan when he, Zula, and Jezmine arrived in Xanthus to seek aid in restoring Conan’s parents to Flesh and Blood, initially appearing to be allied with them until Jezmine grew suspicious to her fantastic knowledge of the various locations, passages and traps set as they searched for the missing members of the Xanthus Ruling Council.

It was here that she revealed herself to be allied with Wrath-Amon, and attempted to strike Jezmine, Sasha, and Misha with darts laced with a potion derived from the Lycanthrus Flower, succeeding in claiming Greywolf’s Siblings, forcibly turning them into wolves and placing them under her control until that element was reversed.

She would encounter Conan and his company on numerous occasions, oft-seeking both the Claw of Heaven (a Star-Metal Claw) which Greywolf had since used to augment his own Magical Prowess, and to claim Conan himself as her own.

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